Vinyl Sticker Paper 8.5x11

Vinyl Sticker Paper 8.5x11

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WATER-RESISTANT PRINTABLE VINYL: Matte Printable Vinyl Sheets allows you to create Beautiful Water-Resistant Labels and Stickers for a variety of purposes both Indoors and Outdoors; Simply seal the sticker with a UV Resistant Sealer Spray to boost Waterproofness and Durability. HIGHLY DURABLE VINYL STICKER PAPER: create Long-Lasting Color-True Product Labels, Vinyl Lettering, Wall Quotes, Photo Stickers, Custom Decals and File Folder Labels. SUPER EASY TO USE: our Top-Quality Printable Vinyl for Inkjet Printer allows Ink to Dry Quickly. These sheets are Easy to Cut both by hand and with a Die Cutter Machine such as Cricut. Our unique Backing Layer makes Peeling a Breeze, and the High-Quality Glue makes application Simple and Smooth. COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR PRINTER: Our Inkjet Printable Vinyl is Guaranteed to Work Perfectly with your Inkjet and/or Laser Printer. Each self-adhesive Vinyl Sheet comes in the standard 8.5" x 11” measurement.

Vinyl Sheets Instructions

Printable Vinyl Sheets
USER Guide & Troubleshooting

1. Your vinyl sheets are in transparent packaging with a protective cardboard envelope around them for maximum protection.

Troubleshooting: In the rare case that your product arrives damaged, please email us at for a free replacement or a full refund.

2. There is a sticker on the transparent packaging of the vinyl sheets that reads "FRONT SIDE", which indicates the front side of the sheets. Make sure to load the paper into your printer such that the front side will be printed on.

3. If you are in doubt what the front side of a sheet is, peel away the sticker paper a bit and feel on which side the adhesive is. The side that has glue on it is the front side.

4. Recommended print settings are:
For Matte vinyl: Matte Photo Paper / Specialty Paper (Matte) / High Matte Photo / Other Photo papers with print quality set to "Matte" + "Best"
For Glossy vinyl: Glossy Photo Paper / Specialty Paper (Glossy) / High Glossy Photo / Other Photo papers with print quality set to "Glossy" + "Best"

5. Before you print on your vinyl sheet, print a test copy of your image on a regular sheet of paper. Adjust your printer settings until you achieve a print you are satisfied with.

6. Our paper was tested with many different printer models to verify correct functioning.

Troubleshooting: If you experience issues such as paper jamming or not correctly recognizing our sheets, try only feeding one sheet at a time. Some customers also reported success through taping a sheet of plain paper to the backside of the sheet as work-around.

If problems persist, please email for a full refund and please advise us the make and model of your printer. We take cases like this very seriously and will work to find a way to make our paper compatible with your printer towards the future.

7. If your inktjet printer produces print errors such as striping, misalignment or smudging, please go to your printer's settings menu and run its built in routines to:

(1) Clean the printer head,
(2) Align the printer head and/or
(3) Eliminate smudging

If you need help, please refer to your printer's manual/online help pages.

8. In most cases, the print should be dry to the touch within 30 seconds due to our papers’ special coating.

Troubleshooting: If you experience ink smudging upon touch, first check if your printer printed on the front side of the paper.

As a next step, make a print and allow it to dry for up to four hours to see if this resolves the problem.

If problems persist, please email for a full no-questions-asked refund.

9. For most printers, the print produced will be water resistant and show minimal to no staining when the print gets wet.

For a fully waterproof decal, apply a clear UV resistant sealer spray.
For outdoors use, please print with UV ink and apply UV resistant sealer spray.

Troubleshooting: If staining occurs, try printing with Print Quality set to Normal. Some printer models spray excessive ink on Best/Fine print mode, increasing the likelihood of staining.

If problems persist, please email for a full no-questions-asked refund. Please advise us the make and model of your printer so we can investigate the problem.

10. Our sheets were tested with most electronic cutting machines.If you experience problems, please contact we will solve the issue or provide a full refund.

11. Before applying your sticker, thoroughly clean and dry the surface.

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